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Surface treatment of components for the oil and gas industry

NOT Overflatebehandling AS is a specialist in various types of surface treatments for steel: Xylan, Molykote, Everslick, Shot Peening, Phosphating and Pickling of stainless steel.
Xylan/ Molykote/ Everslick treatments are used to provide surface protection in extreme environments, including subsea. A wide range of colours is available, ensuring high visibility under water. As regards Xylan, we are a major player in Norway when it comes to hi-tech products for the offshore, defence and mechanical industries.

NOT Overflatebehandling AS is certified to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards.

NOT Overflatebehandling AS operates a new, modern factory for Xylan treatment and phosphating. The department for pickling stainless steel has specialised in this process. The unit employs a total of 14 people.

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Visiting address:
Xylan and phosphating – Langmyra 9, 4344 Bryne, Norway

Pickling stainless steel – Vardheivegen 60, Bryne, Norway

Used to provide surface protection in extreme environments – subsea, for example. A wide range of colours is available, ensuing good visibility under water as well. Xylan has the lowest friction co-efficient of any known surface treatment. Stable and effective at extreme temperatures (high and low). Xylan acts as a lubricant while providing robust corrosion protection, and can be combined with phosphate pre-treatment for even better results. Xylan has been a staple of the offshore industry for 30–40 years.

Xylan extends service life and helps reduce total operating costs.

Xylan/Molykote can be used:
1. To achieve a low friction coefficient
2. To protect two touching, rubbing surfaces
3. To permit subsequent disassembly without risk of damage to equipment
4. To protect equipment against corrosion
5. To help reduce noise levels by helping cut friction between surfaces in machinery/equipment. Friction makes noise
6. To produce surfaces that can withstand extreme temperatures (high and low)
7. To insulate components and prevent shorting
8. To colour code equipment in combination with a variety of other properties – wide range of colours available

Zinc phosphating
Zinc phosphating produces a fine, homogeneous surface. This finish is also an excellent primer (base coat) and helps ensure improved adhesion of Xylan.

Bead blasting
This is a non-ferrous abrasive medium consisting of aluminium and glass, and it can be blended to the customer’s specifications and requirements. Bead blasting is a less abrasive process that produces a finer surface on the material. This improves adhesion for various coatings applied subsequently that roughen the surface.

Technical information
Pre-treatment: l 6.0 m x w 0.9 m x h 1.5 m
Curing oven: l 6.0 m x w 2.5 m x h 2.5 m

Pickling stainless steel
Pickling bath 1: l 6.2 m x b 3.0 m x h 3.50 m.
Pickling bath 2: l 6.2 m x b 1.40 m x h 3.50 m


Stein Vagle
Operations Manager Xylan/HSEQ/Order office
Tel +47 982 96 259

Håkon Mossige
Tel +47 482 46 293

Martin Salte
General Manager
Tel +47 901 83 082

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We operate the following daily transport departures:
Bergen – Stavanger
Stavanger – Bergen
Stavanger – Kristiansand – Eastern Norway
Eastern Norway – Kristiansand – Stavanger

We can also assist with other destinations.

Please feel free to call our planners for transport prices on +47 982 96 259, or email them at:



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