The best of the best in durable surface treatment.

Only after it has been in use for a good while can you see the true quality of a surface treatment solution. NOTsurface solutions make for surfaces that keep on looking good. Year after year. Whether it is the surface of outdoor furniture in Times Square in New York, a bridge over Norwegian fjords, agricultural machinery, defense equipment, equipment for modern fish farming or advanced technology for the energy industry. NOTsurface can handle tough use and heavy wear. The financial advantages are obvious.

NOT - Olje og gass

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is rightly known for operating under tough and changeable conditions. The surface treatment chosen must be highly durable and require only minimal maintenance. We recommend early dialogue to help find the optimal solution.



An expensive machine park deserves surface treatment that can withstand tough use and wear. With a NOT surface, the service life is increased.


Aqua and marine

Wind, water and weather place high demands on aquaculture. A surface treatment that maintains its quality year after year translates into reliable operation and predictability. Contact us early in the process for an optimal solution.


Building and construction

Increase the service life of metal components in building and construction projects. Ensure that façade panels and bearing structures maintain their strength and appearance. Involving NOT as early as in the project planning phase makes it possible to apply the most durable solution from the start.



Infrastructure constructions must be able to withstand tough conditions and mechanical wear and tear. Undesirable corrosion can have consequences that constitute a threat to life and limb. We supply solutions that handle heavy loads.


Industry and defence

It should look good and last a long time. We apply treatments to equipment designed to last for years while performing repeated and demanding assignments. Tell us what conditions you’re facing, and we’ll provide durable surface protection.







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