HSEQ and environmental management

In partnership with our customers and suppliers, we are committed to improving our practice and procedures in the field of HSEQ and environmental management on an ongoing basis.
The separate NOT companies are to define their own goals in living up to the overarching policies and values of the NOT Group.
These goals are to be in line with the strategic direction of the organisation, and to ensure continuous improvement of the HSEQ system.

Our focus and goal are to encourage shared understanding of HSEQ and environmental management among all employees.

External environment

  • Zero emissions (BAT – Best Available Technology)
  • Reduce number of chemicals used
  • Monitor consumption of chemicals
  • We are to prevent pollution and reduce negative environmental impact
  • We are to sort and reduce the volume of waste, and to optimise our resource consumption


  • Zero personal injuries and/or accidents
  • Sick leave below 3%
  • Everyone to use the necessary safety and protective equipment at all times; everyone is responsible for their own safety and that of others
  • We are to inspire confidence among our customers and generate a sense of security and well-being among our employees
  • We are to comply with laws, regulations and codes of conduct
  • HSE is a line responsibility throughout the organisation


  • We deliver the product our customers expect, at the agreed delivery time, in the agreed quality and in accordance with the applicable product standards
  • We are to be certified or accredited in accordance with relevant standards
  • We are to learn from our mistakes
  • We are to document our quality
  • To operate optimised production
  • To have a motivated, skilled and committed workforce



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