Xylan and Molykote

Surface treatment of components for the oil and gas industry

NOT offers Xylan, Molykote, and zinc phosphating.

Both Xylan and Molykote are effective treatments when durable surface protection and low friction are needed – for example, in challenging underwater environments at great depths. We also provide a wide range of color options that contribute to increased visibility underwater.

NOT is a major player in Xylan treatments in Norway and has delivered high-tech products to several customers – both within the offshore industry, the mechanical sector, and the Defense.

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Technical information


Pre-treatment: L 6.0m x W 0.9m x H 1.5m
Curing oven: L 6.0m x W 2.5m x H 2.5m


Used in extreme conditions where there is a need for high-level surface protection, such as in deep underwater environments. There are various color options available that also provide good visibility underwater. Xylan has the lowest known coefficient of friction among all types of surface treatments. It remains stable and effective at both low and high temperatures. Xylan possesses lubricating properties and offers excellent corrosion protection, often in combination with phosphate pre-treatment. Xylan has been used in the offshore industry for 30-40 years. It prolongs lifespan and reduces overall operational costs.

Xylan/Molykotecan be used

  • to achieve a low coefficient of friction
  • to protect two sliding surfaces against each other
  • to enable later disassembly without the risk of material damage
  • to protect materials against corrosion attacks
  • to achieve noise-reducing effects. Provides machines/equipment with a surface featuring good friction characteristics. Friction creates noise.
  • to create a surface capable of withstanding low/high temperatures
  • to insulate components against electrical breakdown
  • to color-code equipment simultaneously with other properties – extensive color selection

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