Everyone should be well.

That's why we sponsor a wide range of organizations and associations.

For NOT, it’s important that children and youth have the opportunity to participate in activities, regardless of their financial situation. When we provide financial support to small teams and organizations, we see that every penny matters greatly to many.

Hognestad Il.

For many years, NOT has sponsored the small yet significant sports team, Hognestad IL.

Tommy Hognestad Liland is the Managing Director of Hognestad IL. He explains why NOT is crucial for the sports club:

“The contributions we receive from sponsors are what enable us to provide an exciting offering to children and youth in our own community – and NOT is one of the largest sponsors we have.”

Hognestad is a small community in Jæren, and the sports club is an important social arena in the village. Here, children and young people can engage toghether in positive activities. Adults come together for volunteer work, and retirees have a gathering place during the daytime. Friendships and camaraderie are built here – across generations.

“The sports team is the glue that holds our community together,” says Liland.

We sponsor the little ones.

Grassroots sports contribute to ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of sports regardless of their financial or physical abilities. This is where community and a sense of security are fostered.

Kreftomsorgen logo. Grafikk.

Stronger together.

Kreftomsorg Rogaland is a unique competence center that tailors psychosocial health support for cancer patients, their relatives, and the bereaved.
4H logo. Grafikk.

Active and engaged youth.

4H is based on the idea of learning about interaction in nature. Members have the opportunity to develop themselves and be part of a social community where everyone cares for each other.
Trafikkalender logo. Grafikk.

Safe school route.

Skolebarnas trafikkalender contributes to education and information about a safe school route for the youngest in our local community.
Sanitetsforeningen logo. Grafikk.

Research on women's health.

Sanitetskvinnene promotes women's health and living conditions, contributes to an inclusive upbringing, and creates safe local communities.

Varhaug Il.

At NOT, we are focused on ensuring that everyone has the best opportunities. We aim to contribute to reducing inequalities. That’s why we sponsor a wide range of activities.

Jan Christian Vasshus, the Managing Director of Varhaug IL, emphasizes the importance of the financial support the sports club receives from NOT.

“Here in Varhaug, we offer a broad range of activities, and NOT is one of the partners that make this possible.”

Vasshus describes a sports club that serves as an important gathering place for both young and old in the community. It’s a place bustling with life, laughter, learning, and play, both indoors and outdoors.

“The latest addition to our activities is E-sports. This is a growing and incredibly exciting sport. E-sports teams train with both physical activity and strategy on the computer. We see that this offering appeals to a new group of children. It’s truly fantastic to be able to provide an activity, within a healthy framework, to even more of the youth in our community,” concludes Vasshus.

Kreftomsorg Rogaland.

“We are a result of local collaboration, and the support we receive from businesses means a lot,” says Inger Marie Farbrot, Managing Director of Kreftomsorg Rogaland. 

Kreftomsorg Rogaland is a unique competence center that tailors psychosocial health support for cancer patients, their relatives, and the bereaved.

Farbrot explains that it’s about getting help to live, not just survive, when cancer strikes. Many people are affected by cancer today, and many who are diagnosed with cancer live with the disease for a long time.

“The funds we receive are used to support those affected by cancer through therapeutic conversations, counseling, and courses. Our vision is Quality of Life – when life is changing,” Farbrot explains.

Marie fra Kreftomsorgen Rogaland. Foto.