Our most important resource is the people

Everyone is unique.

Some want to create. Some are passionate about their profession. Some desire a safe workplace. Some aim to further develop themselves. Some simply want a fresh start.

We care about people and aim to contribute to ensuring that everyone has a good day and a bright future.

Training company

Kim Stian Risa is an apprentice industrial painter at NOT Surface Treatment. When he joined NOT, he already had a vocational certificate in automotive painting.

“I got a job at NOT when someone had recommended me for my skill in spraying. After working at NOT for a while, I thought it would be beneficial to also have a vocational certificate as an industrial painter. Having a strong and relevant education would be positive both for the company and my own future. That’s why I asked my boss about the possibilities of becoming an adult apprentice at NOT, and he was supportive right away, says Kim Stian.

Kim Stian is eager to learn more about the trade. 

“At NOT, I receive good support and exciting professional challenges. I get to spray every day, and I love it, he shares with a smile. 

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Sosial bærekraft - å få en ny sjanse. Foto.

To get a second chance

In NOT Prosess, most employees have been through tough times. Some have struggled with addiction, while another arrived in Norway as a boat refugee from Eritrea. They all have their own stories, and they know what adversity and challenging conditions entail. At work, they have been given a fresh start.

“I’ve always been concerned about taking care of the vulnerable in society, but I have realized that I was wrong. This group is the strongest. If you give them a chance, they will take care of it,” says Per Høyland, the operations manager at NOT Prosess.

Protecting steel from rust and decay is not just a job; it is a source of pride and camaraderie. Perhaps that is why NOT Prosess can boast two years without any absences.

Good working environment

Martine Bøckman is the administration manager and planner at NOT. She is one of the few women in the workplace.

“Our industry is male-dominated, but at NOT, we are gradually seeing more women. There is no difference between us,” Bøckman says.

NOT has employees from various countries and different backgrounds. We work every day to ensure that everyone feels integrated and valued in the workplace. One important factor is understanding each other. Therefore, we offer Norwegian language courses for those who need them. Another factor is getting to know each other. That is why it is important to us to have social events outside of working hours, so that people can meet, spend time toghether, and get to know each other. 

  • No personal injuries and/or accidents
  • Sickness absence below 3%
  • Everyone must always use necessary safety and protective equipment and be responsible for their own and others’ safety
  • We aim to create trust with our customers, and ensure safety and well-being for our employees
  • We will comply with laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines
  • HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) is a responsibility that applies throughout the organization