Efficient removal of impurities

Sandblasting is a natural choice when it comes to removing corrosion, old paint, or other impurities from the surface, creating an ideal base for further treatment. Any surface treatments such as corrosion protection or painting have the best conditions for optimal results and durability.

At NOT, we offer sandblasting according to ISO 8501-1, KVS 121, or according to the customer’s preference. Our sandblasting is performed with steel grit, garnet, glass beads, and aluminum silicate in recycling facilities and sandblasting cabinets. We also place great emphasis on ensuring that all our production halls and equipment meet the latest requirements in health, environment, and safety.

Sandblåsing. Foto.

We can offer transportation

Bergen–Stavanger / Stavanger–Bergen
Stavanger–Kristiansand–Østlandet / Østlandet–Kristiansand–Stavanger
We are also helpful with other destinations.

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Contact (+47) 90 55 59 72

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Head of Administration/ Planner
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QC and Project Manager
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QC and Project Manager
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General Manager
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Technical information

Blasting hall and painting hall

Assemblies measuring up to 20 m in length. Door limitations: w 6 m x h 5 m.
Lifting capacity, forklift: 8 tonnes.
A crane/mobile crane is used for assemblies weighing more than 8 tonnes.

Glass blasting

This is an iron-free blasting medium consisting of aluminum and glass, which can be mixed according to the customer’s specifications and requirements. Glass blasting provides a finer surface on the material and is a gentler process. This results in better adhesion for various coatings applied afterwards and roughens the surface.

Glass blasting is a pre-treatment used for optimization before further treatment. The purpose of the treatment is to remove impurities or residues from previous surface treatments and can be used on metals, wood, stone, concrete, and ceramics.

NOT contributes to accessibility in nature

NOT have been involved in two exciting projects that will make it easier for you to navigate through nature.

We choose green zinc

The zinc we purchase is produced in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, prioritizing climate consciousness.

NOT is investing in renewable energy!

Norsk Overflate Teknikk is committed to sustainable energy.