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PCS Pulverlakk AS

Norsk Overflate Teknikk is a co-owner of PCS Pulverlakk in Larvik, which offers environmentally friendly and cost-effective powder coating with the highest level of corrosion protection and finish. PCS Pulverlakk provides powder coating services across a wide range of products, including railings, staircases, steel structures, facade panels, profiles, fittings, building panels, park furniture, and other components for indoor and outdoor use.

PCS Pulverlakk AS
Hegdalveien 84
3261 Larvik

Adrett AS

Norsk Overflate Teknikk is a co-owner of Adrett AS, which provides a wide range of services in painting and repairs for cars, industrial parts, furniture, and various other items.

Adrett AS
Vardheivegen 60
4340 Bryne

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