NOT is investing in renewable energy!

We have set five goals that we constantly strive to meet. One of these, which is perhaps the most crucial, revolves around having a conscious environmental policy. Therefore, we are proud to announce that NOT has chosen to invest in solar panels!

As a leading entity in surface treatment in Norway, we strive to be a driving force for sustainable development within our industry. Sustainability and awareness around this topic are important to us, our customers, and our partners. Therefore, it is an honor to announce that we have embraced a greener operation!

Solar parks at three locations
So far, we have installed solar power parks on three of our buildings, namely NOT Varmforzinking, NOT Pulverlakk, and NOT Industrimaling. In total, the solar panels will cover an area of 4,500 square meters and generate up to 510,000 kilowatts of renewable energy per year – that’s 480,000 kg.

Taking responsibility for the environment
There are multiple reasons behind our commitment to renewable energy. It is undeniable that, like our competitors, we depend on energy and have a considerable electricity consumption. We do not shy away from acknowledging this reality. However, what sets us apart is our determination to take responsibility for our environmental impact. The imperative of sustainability has compelled us to reimagine our production and operational practices. We are delighted about this transformation! Consequently, we are now engaged in a more sustainable operation, actively exploring additional green initiatives that can be relevant not only now, but in the future as well.

Our investment in renewable energy will also bring cost savings for us, both in the short and long term. This results in a win-win situation, and we are excited about the ongoing development.

Geir Ove Salte - Direktør i NOT. Foto.
Geir Ove Salte, Director at NOT.
Solcelleanlegget på Nærbø under montering. Foto.
The solar panel installation at Nærbø during its assembly.