NOT contributes to accessibility in nature

We at NOT have been involved in two exciting projects that will make it easier for you to navigate through nature – all year round.

In Bergen, you will soon be able to walk the entire stretch from Melkeplassen to Kråkenes, and in Måløy, you can now cross the river in the town center without getting wet.

Both places have received beautiful and sturdy footbridges that make nature and hiking opportunities even more accessible for both experienced hikers and sea-loving boaters.

Powder coating strengthens hot-dip galvanized surfaces

In Bergen, the city’s urban environment agency is in the final stage of constructing Løvstien, which runs up the mountainside of Løvstakken. NOT has contributed by hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating the steel, which will protect the materials from rust and ensure a long lifespan without maintenance.

Ivar Salte, Managing Director at NOT Pulverlakkering, explains that one of NOT’s strengths is their ability to offer various types of surface treatment.

– In this case, we received untreated materials, which were first sent to Nærbø for hot-dip galvanizing before being sent to Ganddal for powder coating. This allows us to deliver fully treated material to the customer.

He adds that powder coating serves two functions. Not only does the treatment allow for painting the steel in the desired color, but it also doubles the steel’s lifespan by protecting the hot-dip galvanizing.

– Hot-dip galvanized steel already has a long lifespan, at least 50 years. With powder coating in addition, we can double this, provide the desired color, and reduce the risk of rust, says Salte.

The footbridge opens up a new trail segment of 6.4 km. The bridge is supported by columns placed in the ground to make it safe for hikers. The new Løvstien bridge is planned to open in 2024.

Ivar Salte emphasizes that NOT greatly values projects that are a bit out of the ordinary.

– It’s always exciting to be part of special projects; we find them interesting!

New footpath of 80 meters

In Måløy as well, NOT has assisted with surface treatment through hot-dip galvanizing and industrial painting for the new footpath crossing the river in Måløy. NOT Varmforsinking handled the galvanizing, while NOT Industrimaling performed the painting job afterward. The footpath is just over 80 meters long and designed to be useful for both locals and boaters.

Operations Manager and Planner Svein Arne Njærheim explains that the work process went smoothly and the result turned out very well.

– It has been a pleasant job, and it will be fantastically beautiful. It’s great to see that what we do is visible in the landscape, says Njærheim.