Industrial Painting

An effective surface treatment

Industrial Painting is a beneficial corrosion protection and an effective surface treatment for various metals. Over the years, the oil industry has been our primary customer for industrial painting. However, more recently, we have experienced increasing demand from various land-based businesses that require this type of treatment.

At NOT, we offer Industrial Painting according to ISO 12944-2, Norsok M-501, KVS 10, KVS 53, KVS 121, and KVS 200 standards, or based on the customer’s preferences. Additionally, we have our own pre-treatment facility equipped with Surtec650 and a paint system that is used if a finer coating with high finish and gloss is desired.

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We can offer transportation

Bergen–Stavanger / Stavanger–Bergen
Stavanger–Kristiansand–Østlandet / Østlandet–Kristiansand–Stavanger
We are also helpful with other destinations.

Feel free to contact our planner for transportation pricing
phone: (+47) 90 55 59 72,

Contact (+47) 90 55 59 72

Martine Bøckman Meinich-Bache
Head of Administration/ Planner
(+47) 90 55 59 72
Brit Sirén Hobberstad
QC and Project Manager
(+47) 90 07 82 13
Kai Bøckman
QC and Project Manager
(+47) 98 29 63 82
Anders Simen Holgersen
General Manager
(+47) 90 72 85 01

Technical information

Blasting hall and painting hall

Assemblies measuring up to 20 m in length. Door limitations: w 6 m x h 5 m.
Lifting capacity, forklift: 8 tonnes.
A crane/mobile crane is used for assemblies weighing more than 8 tonnes.

Pre-treatment facility – Surtec650

Dimensions of the baths:

Length: 3 meters x Width: 1 meter x Height: 1.5 meters.

Frosio Inspectors

Certified personnel according to NS 476.
Inspector Certificate Level III – Red Certificate.

NOT contributes to accessibility in nature

NOT have been involved in two exciting projects that will make it easier for you to navigate through nature.

We choose green zinc

The zinc we purchase is produced in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, prioritizing climate consciousness.

NOT is investing in renewable energy!

Norsk Overflate Teknikk is committed to sustainable energy.