History, goals and vision

The adventure begins

NOT has its roots dating back to 2002 when founders Geir Ove Salte and Per-Morten Ikdahl joined forces to start Lode Lakkering. Initially, industrial painting was their focus, but over time, they expanded their services to include pickling of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, and Xylan coating. In 2007, they formed the Norsk Overflate Teknikk group, with BR Industrier becoming the majority owner.

Today, the group specializes in surface treatment of metal and delivers to various industries both domestically and internationally.

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We aim to be the most successful company in the industry and to always remain competitive. We will deliver goods and services according to current standards and in line with customer requirements and specifications. Together with our customers and suppliers, we will continuously improve our practices and procedures within HSE (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) and environmental management.

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Vision – Colour and protect

Our values are:
Reliable – Creative – Efficient – Collaboration

Here’s what our values mean to us and our partners:

  • We keep our promises and deliver as agreed
  • Together, we find good solutions that yield the desired outcome
  • We strive for secure, swift, and optimal processes with quality at every stage
  • Our collaboration makes each other better
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Colour and protect

NOT contributes to accessibility in nature

NOT have been involved in two exciting projects that will make it easier for you to navigate through nature.

We choose green zinc

The zinc we purchase is produced in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, prioritizing climate consciousness.

NOT is investing in renewable energy!

Norsk Overflate Teknikk is committed to sustainable energy.