Top quality ensures long lifespan

And saved resources.

We provide products built to last.

It is with time and usage that the quality of surface treatment becomes evident, and the profitability becomes apparent. NOToverflate is the surface that remains equally beautiful. While other solutions require costly maintenance and often result in production downtime during repairs, NOToverflate endures. The initial investment lasts for a long time. 

Good planning ensures smooth workflow

At NOT, we are committed to having a sustainable production. This includes maintaining a smooth production flow to ensure projects are economically profitable. Effective planning, appropriate software, and digital collaboration are some of the tools we employ to achieve this. 

Stein Vagle is the operations manager and planner at NOT. He ensures that everyone working in production knows what they should be doing at all times. 

“We run two shifts at certain workstations, maximizing production while everything is set up. This makes us highly flexible, which our customers greatly appreciate,” Vagle explains.

Vagle also mentions that the company holds daily morning meetings. These are crucial to keeping employees updated, understanding the status of ongoing projects, and prioritizing tasks to ensure timely delivery.

“The data system we use helps us maintain a smooth workflow. We have everything easily accessible with quick access to the appropriate procedures,”  Vagle says.

It’s no secret that good motivation is essential for performing well:

“I find it enjoyable to work. It’s fun to be at work, be around people, and create things together,” Vagle concludes.

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Powder coating - a sustainable choice

Powder coating is a popular option due to its almost limitless range of colors. And even better – the coating method provides excellent durability and offers exceptional protection against rust. 

Ivar Salte, CEO of NOT Powder Coating, talks about customers who experience significant savings by choosing powder coating. 

“We receive feedback from customers stating that maintenance costs decrease significantly when they use powder coating instead of other surface treatments.”

Furthermore, powder coating is entirely free from solvents and hazardous workplace gases. 

“Powder coating is a good choice both for us working with it and for the customers. We know that the products we deliver will last a long time, and that feels both rewarding and important,” concludes Salte.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating has no volatile solvents, which is highly beneficial for the working environment. The process also generates minimal waste. 

A powder-coated surface exhibits high corrosion resistance and has a long lifespan. 

Northern Europe's largest and most modern cable car

“Constructing a new cable car is a significant investment in a challenging environment. Therefore, it is crucial to use long-lasting solutions to minimize maintenance costs,” says Geir Ove Salte, CEO of NOT.

The structure must endure heavy useage – year after year, storm after storm. This calls for a durable surface treatment. 

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  • We deliver the products our customers expect, on time, with the agreed-upon quality, and in accordance with applicable product standards
  • We aim to be certified or accredited according to relevant standards
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We document our quality processes
  • We strive for optimized production
  • We have a motivated, skilled, and dedicated personnel