In Building and construction, Hot-dip galvanising

Trollbygget – Surface treatment by NORSK OVERFLATE TEKNIKK

Minimal maintenance/eco-friendly

  • A fascinating façade: galvanised panels, 4,500 mm long and 300–400 mm wide. Thickness: 1.6 mm The total area of the façade is 3,300 m².
  • A façade of hot-dip galvanised steel translates into minimum exterior maintenance. Optimal rust protection and an extraordinarily long service life. Galvanised steel was chosen because it was the most eco-friendly option compared to other materials from a life cycle perspective. Zinc is a natural product that has a long service life and can be 100% recirculated after initial use, with no loss of quality.
  • Recycling zinc requires just 5% of the energy consumed during the original production of the material. Zinc also features self-repairing properties and is therefore used to protect other materials from corrosion. The service life is typically 80–100 years, or even longer.

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